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schoenen, accessoires, mode kinderen, mode mannen, mode dames, mode baby, kleding man/vrouw, mode, clothes en accessories

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Hanzestraat 221a
6826 ML Arnehm

Meow is a family    business , a young brand created in Holland in January 2016 as culmination of a long path enriched with experiences    allowing us to give life to many of the unique pieces we offer you today.

Meow is an encountering place with fashion, with world styles, with unique creations. Here at Meow, you will find two    brothers dreams materialized in pieces to dress and wear.

Meow was born out of passion for good dressing and good living. Everything started with a family history filled with craftsmen and designers that guided us to the right path to find this passion that we share,    nowadays, with all of you through this space.

They say that human beings are made of energy and that from every person or place you find in your way you keep what    impacts you the most. This is how each one of our creations get life, reflecting our love for trips, adventures and contact with different cultures.